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She hurt you. She did you wrong. She lied to you. She took advantage of your kindness. You lost money because of her. Your credit could be shot because of her. Maybe you have to start all over financially because of her.

You would kill the average man who did things like that to you. So you can at least be angry and rude to her! Right??


I’m asking you to still make peace. You are holding on to stuck energy in your space that is harmful to you. Make peace with her. It helps you gain peace of mind and allows you to breathe fully and free your life. She may still be disillusioned about who was at fault or whatever! It doesn’t matter whos fault it is. If YOU want to succeed in life and move forward with your own dreams and goals, you have to take all the things she’s done to you and put it in the trash can, then empty the trash just like you would on a computer. Things will unfold.

Start with a letter that you wont send to her. Wishing her well. Talk about all the fun times you had together and even though things ended the way they did, you are grateful to share a part of your life with her and you wish her well.

Repeat this over and over again to yourself ” (your ex here) I give you love, I accept your love and I wish you well”. Repeat this over and over again until you feel better.

Trust me.

This works and will help you.