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Make a list of qualities that your dream mate would have:
How tall would she be?
What would her body type be? Her legs, feet, hair?
What would her face look like?
How about her personality traits?
Her cleanliness?
Can she cook? How good?
How sexual is she? What type of things does she do in bed to you?
Is she submissive, dominant? Or a combination of both?
How competitive is she? Does she compete with you?
What type of job or income does she have?
What is her style of dress?
Is she giving to you?
Does she spoil you?
Does she respect you as a man?
Is she honest to you?
What about loyalty?

Now match your dream mate with qualities of the girl that left you. You might be surprised to find that “the one” is right around the corner. “She” might be waiting for you to learn the lessons from this relationship before you can experience life with her. Even if your dream mate is the one you lost, you might have to learn the lesson from the old relationship to truly experience her the right way.

Learn the lesson and find your confidence. Trust me. There’s a Pot of gold waiting on that side.