If you have a set back


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If you were doing good emotionally and you get hit with a set back for whatever reason, just stop and take a break for a second.

Lets take a deep breath and know that this is a temporary feeling. This feeling doesn’t define who you are. It will pass.

Ask the question to yourself, What’s great about my situation that I havent noticed?

At first, you are going to want to say “Nothing” but keep asking and you will come up with something spectacular.
There is always tomorrow. You can use this day to learn from and start fresh when you wake up.

if the day is still young, start over. Committ to making the best of the rest of the day.



Why does your heart hurt so bad?

Have you ever wonder why your heart feels like it’s breaking into a million little pieces after your partner leaves you? Over time you have created an invisible emotional bond between the two of you. So when you break up, You literally feel it!! It’s an open wound, and just living and breathing makes it hurt inside. I promise you that over time that heals, just make sure you are healing in a healthy way.

Just like any wound there needs to be processes to heal. The book goes into great detail about that process.

Rebound Sex??


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Here is the deal.

Rebound sex is fine as long you are in a place mentally where you are NOT bitter towards women. If this is the case, every woman you meet hence forth look like different versions of your EX. Then you treat women Poorly! This is counterproductive and will lead to more BAD relationships.

It can be very helpful emotionally when you are honest about where you are with her and you two enjoy each others company as lovers. This can help boost your self-esteem. But, don’t let it become a drug or a crutch taking over every spare second. You need to allocated most of your time to improving YOU.


You Don’t Own Her!


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We really get set up to fail in relationships throughout our lives by what we were taught? Asking a girl to be YOUR girlfriend. Asking a woman to be YOUR wife. Even having sex with a chick and immediately getting the impression that her vagina is now your property. All of this is untrue.

We don’t own anyone! She was never YOURS. We are all masters of our own universe. You chose her, yes. But she made the conscious choice to chose YOU too. Together you share your love, your sex, your emotions and life together. But, when that ends, and that connection severs you have to come to the grips with the fact that she has the freedom to chose whoever else she wants to co-exist with.

Let go. It was never yours.

Trust me.

To Chase her or Replace her.


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So many guys I talk to have a fear that they will never find another woman like the one they lost. This is absolute bullshit. Whatever you have done in the past, you can do now! There is a law in the universe that backs this up. Like attract Like. Water seeks it’s own level. So as long as you are the same guy that attracted your woman or BETTER. You will attract the same woman you had before or BETTER!

So what is this saying. You need to always work on yourself. Improve yourself! Read books, apply what your learn and become more. You will attract more.

Trust me.


Think about one day making peace with her


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She hurt you. She did you wrong. She lied to you. She took advantage of your kindness. You lost money because of her. Your credit could be shot because of her. Maybe you have to start all over financially because of her.

You would kill the average man who did things like that to you. So you can at least be angry and rude to her! Right??


I’m asking you to still make peace. You are holding on to stuck energy in your space that is harmful to you. Make peace with her. It helps you gain peace of mind and allows you to breathe fully and free your life. She may still be disillusioned about who was at fault or whatever! It doesn’t matter whos fault it is. If YOU want to succeed in life and move forward with your own dreams and goals, you have to take all the things she’s done to you and put it in the trash can, then empty the trash just like you would on a computer. Things will unfold.

Start with a letter that you wont send to her. Wishing her well. Talk about all the fun times you had together and even though things ended the way they did, you are grateful to share a part of your life with her and you wish her well.

Repeat this over and over again to yourself ” (your ex here) I give you love, I accept your love and I wish you well”. Repeat this over and over again until you feel better.

Trust me.

This works and will help you.


Think about your DREAM MATE.


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Make a list of qualities that your dream mate would have:
How tall would she be?
What would her body type be? Her legs, feet, hair?
What would her face look like?
How about her personality traits?
Her cleanliness?
Can she cook? How good?
How sexual is she? What type of things does she do in bed to you?
Is she submissive, dominant? Or a combination of both?
How competitive is she? Does she compete with you?
What type of job or income does she have?
What is her style of dress?
Is she giving to you?
Does she spoil you?
Does she respect you as a man?
Is she honest to you?
What about loyalty?

Now match your dream mate with qualities of the girl that left you. You might be surprised to find that “the one” is right around the corner. “She” might be waiting for you to learn the lessons from this relationship before you can experience life with her. Even if your dream mate is the one you lost, you might have to learn the lesson from the old relationship to truly experience her the right way.

Learn the lesson and find your confidence. Trust me. There’s a Pot of gold waiting on that side.




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The biggest sin on this earth is to forget that you are a king. If you feel like suicide is an option, you have briefly forgotten how special you are. You are a king, a reflection of God. You have to go through this in order to grow and evolve as a human being. I promise you, this will make you stronger.

I remember after my wife left me pulling out my gun and putting it to my own head. In this moment it seems easier not to live, but stop and think about who needs you. who loves you? what things would you like to experience while on this earth? At your best, can you find happiness?

You have so much more to do Bro. I promise you, my break up has made me so much stronger. Guess what , now I have found the woman of my dreams!

I’m happier than I ever thought I would be. If i wouldn’t have gone through that I would be as grateful and appreciative of her everyday as I am now.

Lets GO, You have your own kingdom to build.




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Stop chasing her! You need to sit down and regroup. Gather your own strength. Look around. Is there something you neglected to do because you are so consumed with getting her back? Is there other important people you neglect because of it? Take a deep breath and focus on YOU.

Drop the cell phone! Stop calling her texting her all the time. This only reinforces negative behavior and gives her more reason to break it off with you. If you want her back, you will have to be collective, calm and confident. You can’t be those emotions and frantic at the same time.

Take a long walk. Ask yourself on the walk, Whats great about this situation? What can I learn from it? What can I do to be a better person? Really think about it. Look for positives. Once you learn the lesson, you no longer have a need for the pain.